"But then, I also got this totally amazing dog, which is more of a personal thing. She’s a french bulldog named Petunia. She’s 15 pounds of snuggle, just made to be a companion. Some dogs have jobs. You know what I mean, they’ll be like, “Well this dog’s a fetching dog, and this dog likes to carry things.” Well, this dog doesn’t do fucking shit. It likes to sit down and be sitting on you. And the great thing about it is, when you walk the dog, it has the exact same temperature and weather sensitivity as a human. So, if it’s cold and you’re fucking bummed about it being cold outside, the dog is bummed, too. You open the door and you’re like, “Man, this dog better piss and shit right now.” And the dog is thinking the exact same thing. The dog is like, “I am gonna piss and shit so fast!” So the dog runs outside and does his business and then trucks to the door. And if it’s hot out, the dog doesn’t really want to go far. She’s really made me super happy and helped me calm down, the little monkey."

James Murphy

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